5 Ways to sell more with your MoreFrom.Me

Here's a few ideas to help you spread the word about your MoreFrom.Me online shop. These tips are all about giving your friends, contacts, customers and family members reason to visit your MoreFrom.Me. The more times they visit, the more chance you have of them remembering your store.

1. Let people know what you like and recommend.
Pick out the products that you like or own and add them to your list of recommended products(these will then appear on your MoreFrom.Me's homepage). Then share your recommendations (via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email etc.). You could share a link to all your recommended items, but it's better to spread them out and share one a week.

2. Write a quick review of a product and share that.
Write a couple of sentences about a product you've used, it will take pride of place on your MoreFrom.Me. You can then send a "I've just reviewed the XYZ, go take a look" message out to all your contacts. Chances are they'll be more than happy to hear what you have to say about it. Then next time they're in the market for the item, they may remember your review and come back to buy one.

3. Tell people what the best sellers are.
You can use the info we get from MoreComputers.com to pick out the weeks hot products. Take a look at the MoreComputers.com best sellers to see what products are popular right now. If you like the look of something, go to that product on your MoreFrom.Me and share it with your contacts. With a quick "Take a look at the best selling XYZ" message.

4. Keep your eye out for great deals to share.
This one gives you a back door in to our website, as a trusted MoreFrom.Me partner, we'll let you see all the products that have been reduced in price. Go tohttp://www.morecomputers.com/reductions.aspx and you can browse through every product that's marked down in price. There's a lot of products, but you can find some great deals to shout about.

5. Tell people about new products.
This is another 'special link', this one will show you all the products that have been added to your MoreFrom.Me. Go to: http://www.morecomputers.com/productlist.aspx?n=newtoday and you see everything that has just been added to to MoreComputers.com (so it's also on your site). Some days there will be lots of new stuff, some days not so much. With a bit of poking around you can find interesting new products with the latest speeds and sizes. Sharing new items with your contacts is a great way to get them to your MoreFrom.Me site.

Remember the more you talk about your MoreFrom.Me, and the more reasons you give people to visit, the more sales you'll make and more sales means more commission for you.

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