Tip No.10 - Use an email signature to promote your MoreFrom.Me

Having your MoreFrom.Me details in your email signature/signature block is a great form of promotion. Every email you send will have the possibility of directing someone towards your MoreFrom.Me and your contacts will always be able to find a link to your site.

Below are just some of the email signature options available. Your MoreFrom.Me details are used to automatically generate your signature. If you use your logo on your MoreFrom.Me, there's an option that automatically generates a signature with your logo image included.

Add a MoreFrom.Me signature to your email
Find in My Account
Log in to your 'My Account' and go to the 'Manage your MoreFrom.Me' area. In the menu on the lefthand side, under tools, click on the 'eMail signature' link. Click the download button next to the signature template you want to use. This will download a html signature file. Save this file on your computer and point your email program to it. If you are not sure how to set up an email signature on your email program, a quick Google search will reveal exactly how to do it.

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  1. This sounds really interesting. I am surprised to know that email signatures can be used for marketing. I think its a great way to advertise and promote a business.