5 Ways to sell more with your MoreFrom.Me

Here's a few ideas to help you spread the word about your MoreFrom.Me online shop. These tips are all about giving your friends, contacts, customers and family members reason to visit your MoreFrom.Me. The more times they visit, the more chance you have of them remembering your store.

1. Let people know what you like and recommend.
Pick out the products that you like or own and add them to your list of recommended products(these will then appear on your MoreFrom.Me's homepage). Then share your recommendations (via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email etc.). You could share a link to all your recommended items, but it's better to spread them out and share one a week.

2. Write a quick review of a product and share that.
Write a couple of sentences about a product you've used, it will take pride of place on your MoreFrom.Me. You can then send a "I've just reviewed the XYZ, go take a look" message out to all your contacts. Chances are they'll be more than happy to hear what you have to say about it. Then next time they're in the market for the item, they may remember your review and come back to buy one.

3. Tell people what the best sellers are.
You can use the info we get from MoreComputers.com to pick out the weeks hot products. Take a look at the MoreComputers.com best sellers to see what products are popular right now. If you like the look of something, go to that product on your MoreFrom.Me and share it with your contacts. With a quick "Take a look at the best selling XYZ" message.

4. Keep your eye out for great deals to share.
This one gives you a back door in to our website, as a trusted MoreFrom.Me partner, we'll let you see all the products that have been reduced in price. Go tohttp://www.morecomputers.com/reductions.aspx and you can browse through every product that's marked down in price. There's a lot of products, but you can find some great deals to shout about.

5. Tell people about new products.
This is another 'special link', this one will show you all the products that have been added to your MoreFrom.Me. Go to: http://www.morecomputers.com/productlist.aspx?n=newtoday and you see everything that has just been added to to MoreComputers.com (so it's also on your site). Some days there will be lots of new stuff, some days not so much. With a bit of poking around you can find interesting new products with the latest speeds and sizes. Sharing new items with your contacts is a great way to get them to your MoreFrom.Me site.

Remember the more you talk about your MoreFrom.Me, and the more reasons you give people to visit, the more sales you'll make and more sales means more commission for you.

Tip No.11 - An instant Email Newsletter made for you

Email and Twitter are both great ways to promote your MoreFrom.Me - this is a quick way to combine the two.

Although Twitter is gaining in popularity, there will still be a lot of people you know who don't use it. So if you do tweet on a regular basis, this tool let's you make an email 'newsletter' from your tweets to send out weekly.

It also adds in some general IT news from leading magazine PC Pro for an extra bit of tech news. You can see an example Email of Tweets here.

Get an email newsletter of your tweets
Find in My Account
Log in to your 'My Account' and go to the 'Manage your MoreFrom.Me' area. In the menu on the lefthand side, under tools, click on the 'Twitter Newsletter' link. Enter your Twitter username then click the 'Send me my Twitter newsletter' button below. You will then be sent an email of your tweets, to forward on to your contacts.

Tip No.10 - Use an email signature to promote your MoreFrom.Me

Having your MoreFrom.Me details in your email signature/signature block is a great form of promotion. Every email you send will have the possibility of directing someone towards your MoreFrom.Me and your contacts will always be able to find a link to your site.

Below are just some of the email signature options available. Your MoreFrom.Me details are used to automatically generate your signature. If you use your logo on your MoreFrom.Me, there's an option that automatically generates a signature with your logo image included.

Add a MoreFrom.Me signature to your email
Find in My Account
Log in to your 'My Account' and go to the 'Manage your MoreFrom.Me' area. In the menu on the lefthand side, under tools, click on the 'eMail signature' link. Click the download button next to the signature template you want to use. This will download a html signature file. Save this file on your computer and point your email program to it. If you are not sure how to set up an email signature on your email program, a quick Google search will reveal exactly how to do it.

New look & new stats for the MoreFrom.Me account area

If you log in to your 'My Account' and go to the 'Manage my MoreFrom.Me' area you'll notice it's had a facelift. We've added a new 'dashboard' style stats area. You can now see:
  • How many visits your MoreFrom.Me has had
  • How many sales you've made
  • & How much commission you've earned
Below that you'll also see an at a glance summery of your 'site status' - it shows you what tools and features you are using and which ones you've yet to try.

The other thing we've added is a section that will show you what products people are looking at on your MoreFrom.Me

This is just the start, we plan to add more data and reporting here to help you manage your MoreFrom.Me

Tip No.9 - Promote your MoreFrom.Me with website links and banners

If you have a website of any description, why not put a link on that site to your MoreFrom.Me? A prominent link will let people discover that you now sell 1000s of tech products. Don't panic if you're not a skilled web designer, we've prepared the code and graphics you need to make it easy.

We've added a new section called Links and Widgets to the MoreFrom.Me management area of your My Account. We plan to add more and more banners and widgets to this area in the coming months. The idea is to make it easier for you to shout about your MoreFrom.Me site.

At the moment you'll find the line of code you need to add a simple text link, shown in the example below.

There's also several different banners in various sizes, colours, again a couple of these are shown below.

How to grab the code for these banners
Find under 'My Account'
Log in to your 'My Account' and go to the 'Manage your MoreFrom.Me' area. In the menu on the lefthand side, under tools, click on the 'Links and Widgets' link. Here you'll find all the code you need to add a link or banner.

It's great to talk

Posted By Brian Trevaskiss

The other week I asked; What can we do to improve the way MoreFrom.Me is working for you?. I've had some great feedback emails and spoke on the phone with a lot of MoreFrom.Me-ers. There's been some good ideas for new features and things we can work on going forward, I'll cover those in future posts.

One of the reoccurring themes was 'I like the idea but how do I promote my MoreFrom.Me'.

I'd like to share with you the advice I gave to one MoreFrom.Me-er in particular. This is the feedback that came in:

'I have to be honest, my initial interest in http://www.morefrom.me/from.aspx?me=michealcolhoun has left me a little confused about how to promote it'.

Like a lot of early MoreFrom.Me-ers, Micheal has a background in IT and is running his own small business. His company is called Colhoun Technology Solutions that has a website at http://www.cts-ni.com/. To help Micheal, I explained what I would do if I were in his position. Here's an extract from my reply to him, I hope you find it useful too.
I'll try and put myself in your shoes and show you what I would do to promote MoreFrom.Me/MichealColhoun. I apologies now if I've made some wrong assumptions about your business -

If I were you, I'd set up a new MoreFrom.Me using your business name - You can choose to have a .Me or a .Biz version of MoreFromMe, so I'd go for www.morefrom.biz/Colhoun or www.morefrom.biz/cts-ni

I'd then skin it to match your http://www.cts-ni.com/ site - I'd put the same logo on the top of the site and choose the same colour scheme.

I'd then pick the products I'd like to appear on my home page - by adding them as recommended products.

To enhance the site further, I'd add short reviews of these products - taking the content from http://www.cts-ni.com/

To show you what can be achieved - in terms of customisation I've produced this test site - http://www.morefrom.me/default.aspx?me=colhoun_test

You can see the recommended products on the homepage and the star rating I've given them. When you click through on a recommended product you'll see (as in this example) that the review is highlighted, this only happens on the MoreFrom.Me that belongs to the reviewer.

Next I would write a news post on www.cts-ni.com and send an email out to everyone I know - Telling them I've recently partnered with MoreFrom to sell online. I'd say I can now offer a massive range of tech products for sale (over 100,000).

I'd then post links to this news on Facebook and Twitter.

I'd then set about putting links on www.cts-ni.com that take people to http://www.morefrom.me/default.aspx?me=colhoun_test

I'd put a banner on the home page - we've produced some code for banners (they are in the manage your MoreFrom.Me area under Banners & Widgets). Or you could produce your own 'Shop Online' banner in your own graphic style.

Going forward, every time I added a review to www.cts-ni.com I'd include a 'buy it now' link that went to the product page of the http://www.morefrom.me/default.aspx?me=colhoun_test

Basically it's about linking your existing site and content to your MoreFrom.Me - I believe it will work well. Even the big brands like HP and Sony have separate info and shop websites. We've also just added a function that lets you have a link back from your MoreFromMe to your own site - that will help people get back to your main site.

If you'd like to discuss anything here or chat about MoreFrom.Me, send me some feedback or leave a comment below.

What can we do to improve the way MoreFrom.Me works for you?

How are you getting on with your MoreFrom.Me?

Is there anything you'd like to see changed, added or removed?

It's a new idea and we're keen to understand what we can do to make your MoreFrom.Me work better for you.

We're constantly developing new features so what would be on your wish list? Anything you can tell us will help shape the way MoreFrom.Me evolves.

Is anything stopping you, when it comes to using or promoting your MoreFrom.Me? We might be able to change it to make it work for you.

We're looking to accommodate your ideas and remove any barriers, so it will be great to hear from you.

If you have any feedback, just let us know in comments below or send us your feedback and we'll be sure to get back to you.