New look & new stats for the MoreFrom.Me account area

If you log in to your 'My Account' and go to the 'Manage my MoreFrom.Me' area you'll notice it's had a facelift. We've added a new 'dashboard' style stats area. You can now see:
  • How many visits your MoreFrom.Me has had
  • How many sales you've made
  • & How much commission you've earned
Below that you'll also see an at a glance summery of your 'site status' - it shows you what tools and features you are using and which ones you've yet to try.

The other thing we've added is a section that will show you what products people are looking at on your MoreFrom.Me

This is just the start, we plan to add more data and reporting here to help you manage your MoreFrom.Me

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