Tip No.12 - How to spend your commission

With this tip I'm going to tell you how you go about redeeming your commission.

It really is very straight forward.

First off, you can check what credit you have earned at anytime by logging in to your account and going to the manage your MoreFrom.Me section. On this page you'll see 'Total Commission Earned' and 'Commission Available to Spend'. Total commission earned is the amount for all your sales, including any pending commission and commission available to spend is what you can spend today.
All sales are marked as pending for 30 days from the purchase date. We have this pending period in case any orders are cancelled or returned. To see the status of all your sales individually click on 'statement' in the left hand menu. From here you'll see the details of orders that have been placed via your MoreFrom.Me.
To spend the credit you've earned - start by logging in to your account. Next select the item you want to buy and put it in your basket. When you go to your basket you'll see 'Morefrom.me credit available' and the amount of credit you have to spend (in pink type). Just below that you'll see 'To redeem credit enter amount here:' and a box you can type in. Enter the amount of your credit you want to spend and click the 'redeem' button. The amount will then be deducted from your basket total. You can now proceed with your purchase.

If you want to buy something using using credit only - enter an amount of credit that matches the basket total and click redeem. A 'Pay with credit' button will replace the 'Pay by card' button - click the 'Pay with credit' button and we'll process your order.

One final thing - you can spend your credit on any MoreFrom Group website, as long as you are logged in it will work.