New look 'super menu' added to your MoreFrom.Me site

New look 'super menu' just added to MoreFrom.Me
With just over 160,000 products now listed on your MoreFrom.Me store organising and finding products is not always easy. With this in mind we've introduced a new site menu - we call the 'super menu'.

If you go to your site now you'll see the new super menu - this type of menu is becoming increasingly popular on all the major shopping sites. The idea is that you can see at a glance more of the categories and sub categories and go straight to the one you want.

Any customisation of categories and brands you have done via the 'products' area in your store's admin will all still work fine. They will now appear in the new menu format.

Keep an eye on your email for details of further MoreFrom.Me 2.0 features.

We're happy to help you design your MoreFrom.Me store; use the feedback link below if you'd like us to match your store design to your existing website or company branding.

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