Quote tool now available - quote your customers happy

Quote tool now available - quote your customers happy

It's a simple tool that's very useful.

You're chatting with a client on your mobile and they need a few bits of hardware. When you finish the call you use your smartphone to access [MoreFrom.Me/username]. A quick search and you've found what they need and added the items to the basket.

Then, because you are signed in and are the shop owner, a 'Send Basket' button is visible.

With a click on the button you're emailing your client a link that takes them directly to the items they require on your sites basket page.

Before you click send you add a quick message to say thanks for the conversation you just had.

Your client then hears a ping on their mobile, it's your email arriving, they click the link and buy the items on their phone - it's quick and easy because their details are all in their PayPal account.

You just earned yourself a little commission for doing very little - you didn't even need to be in your office, but most importantly your client is happy.

We're happy to help you design your MoreFrom.Me store; use the feedback link below if you'd like us to match your store design to your existing website or company branding.

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