Mobile phone & tablet version of your MoreFrom.Me site

Mobile phone & tablet version of your store

It's been reported that purchases made on mobile phones and tablets already contribute a massive £1.3 billion towards annual UK sales. So having a version of your website that is tailored specifically for these shoppers is becoming very important.

The good news is you don't need to do a thing - your MoreFrom.Me site will automatically re-direct to it's mobile version when one of your customers accesses your site via their mobile. Ask your customers to add an icon bookmark to your site on their phones and they can easily browse and check prices when out and about.

Try it now from your mobile.

Keep an eye on your email for details of further 2.0 features.

We're happy to help you design your MoreFrom.Me store; use the feedback link below if you'd like us to match your store design to your existing website or company branding.

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