Take your commission as cash - MoreFrom.Me 2.0 is now launched!

Take your commission as cash

Your MoreFrom.Me store has received a free upgrade to version 2.0.

Our MoreFrom.Me webstore solution is proving to be very popular, there are now over 1000 stores up and running.

When we've asked for feedback from store owners one of the most frequent requests has been to add the ability to take commission earned as cash. I'm pleased to say this option is now available.

When your commission credit reaches £25 you can opt to convert this credit into cash. Click the redeem as cash link in your store's admin area and complete the details required. We'll then make a payment direct to your bank account. The option to spend your commission in your store is still available.

Keep an eye on your email for details of further 2.0 features.

We're happy to help you design your MoreFrom.Me store; use the feedback link below if you'd like us to match your store design to your existing website or company branding.

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