Tip No.8 - Send an email of your recommended products

With this email generator you can really show people what you're all about. It simply turns the products you've added to your list of recommended products in to an email. You can then forward the email on to your contacts and they can click through to your MoreFrom.Me.

So if you're a business that specialises in CCTV equipment you can send your customers an email of just the products you recommend. Or if you're Apple accessories expert, your email will be filled with Mac goodness only.

How to get an email of your recommended products
Find under 'My Account'
As usual you'll need to log in, via the My Account link and head to 'Manage your MoreFrom.Me', from the right hand column, choose 'My Recommended eMail'. There's a brief summary and a 'see how My Recommended Products email looks' link. A click on this link will show you your latest recommended products in the email format with your MoreFrom.Me branding at the top. To create the email click on the 'Send me My Recommended Products email' button. You'll then receive an email to forward on to your contacts.

You can change the content of the email by adding and removing products from your 'My Recommended' list.

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