New ways to personalise your MoreFrom.Me

We've introduced some new ways to make your MoreFrom.Me even more individual. You can now add a background image or photo to your site instead of just a colour. Plus to see more of that background you can remove the white background box that currently appears behind your name.

New look MoreFrom.Me

Changing these items can make your MoreFrom.Me look very different and less like the MoreComputers website.

Example of MoreFrom.Me before

Example of MoreFrom.Me after

Remove the white background box from behind your name

Add your own background wallpaper

Go for a photograph background

Choose to have less MoreComputers branding

These new options can be found by logging in to your account and clicking through to the manage your MoreFrom.Me area. In the left hand menu you'll see the 'Edit Theme' option. Click this and you get to all the functions you need to change the look of your MoreFrom.Me

Change Theme Colours
Along with changing the background, accent and title colour you can now choose to remove the 'background detail' (the grey lines that form part of the MoreComputers design). You can also remove the 'White Header Background' this allows your background colour or image to show through behind your name or logo.

Add/Change Logo
Our example sites look extra good because we've made the backgrounds of our logos transparent, this lets the logo sit nicely on top of the background image. To get this effect you'll need to save your logo file with a transparent background. Save your logo as transparent .gif or  a 24 bit .png file with the transparent option selected. Logos need to be a maxium 450 x 90 pixels.

Add/Change Background Image
This is a new section where you can pick any image, photo or wallpaper and make it the main background for every page of your MoreFrom.Me. As a guide, use an image around 1920 pixels wide, but play around with different images and sizes until you get the look you want. The image will be centered behind the site content. Your image can be as tall as you like and the background colour you choose will show where the image ends at the bottom of your site. You can upload .jpg, .gif or .png files up to a maximum of 600k - It's worth running your background through a web image optimisation tool if you can.

Our sample sites can be seen here:

Have fun with these new options and send us a link to your new site when you've finished, we're looking at including the best ones in our future features.

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