Tip No.4 - Add your own text in 'About Us'

Here's your chance to tell visitors to your MoreFrom.Me a little bit about yourself. Use this area to simply tell people who you are or use it to give weight to your opinion. It might be that you're an expert in a certain area of tech or that your business specialises in certain products and services. Adding your own text to your 'About Us' page is the way to profile who you are.

How to add your own text to the 'About us' page
Find under 'My Account'
Go to 'My Account' and log in. the first link under 'My MoreFrom.Me' is 'About Me'. Click on this link and you can type or cut and paste some information into the text box. You have up to 1000 characters to use. When you've added your text click 'Submit for approval'. We'll take quick look and you'll get an email when your text is approved.

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